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#together against coronavirus

Someday Lyrics: Bisser Why did I wait for you? On this dark and lonely night I think where are you You're not here by my side How much is your love? How long can I wait for you I used to think this is love Baby what else can I do? Someday love will find you And your dreams can come true True love won't desert you Now I'm lying broken on the floor Your touch I can't afford I need something more I need Something I am dying for Tel me, why did I wait for you? In this cold and empty room Smells like your perfume You are not here by my side Who has time for tears to cry? How much longer can I wait? If I ever hurt you Please forgive me Hristo Markov - vocals,guitars,keyboards, backing vocals Alexander Krastev - bass guitar Kalin Sergeev - piano,keyboards,bass guitar, programming Bisser Vessellinov - drums,percussion, programming Nikolay Vessellinov - backing and choir vocals Janine Ann Mackey Evans - lyrics and lyrics editor Recording, mixing and mastering in President studio, Sofia, Bulgaria Photograph and cover art work - Bisser Vessellinov

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