Letras1981: Victoria Wood (I've had…

Victoria Wood

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I've had it up to here with men Perhaps I should phrase that again Been wearing pretty dresses, floral Taking contraceptives, oral Since I don't remember when I've had it up to here with blokes And all there stupid dirty jokes I'ts not a lot of fun to here the one about the nun, The marrow, the banana and John Nokes I'ts not that I expect true love Or gazing at the stars above. If, as a person they'd acknowledge me Not just bits of gynecology Or if they'd just take off the rubber glove To start your evening off with lurex Finish them with biscuits Doesn't really turn me on I'll stay at home in my pajamas Watch a program about llamas I won't need any lipgloss I won't need any amplex Just ovaltine and buns for one I've had it up to here with sex Those nylon vests and hairy necks They expect you to be flighty And they act like God Almighty Cause they've got a cock and they can mend a flex And when they proudly strip and pose I want to say "what's one of those?" They tend to feel a failure if you don't love their genitalia Though why you should Christ only knows No more nights of drinking, nodding, smiling Thinking Jesus when can I go home No more struggling in taxis in vahxalls and in maxis With stupid little bleeders with all the Charming manners of the average garden gnome And when their down to socks and grins You know its time to get stuck in Full of self congratulations they expect a combination Of Alder Corbett, Raquel Welch, and Rin Tin Tin I've not had an encounter yet That didn't leave me cold and wet I'd be happier I know If we could only go from the foreplay straight to the cigarettes I'll finish and just say again I've definitely had it, Well wery nearly had it, had it up to here with men I

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