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Alright Sunday night where are you? Waiting for the game that leads red, white and blue. You want some football?

We want it too. Hey Jack, it's a fact, the show's back in town. Bengals and Pats in the next showdown Stadium's rockin', time to crank up the sound. NFL's best have come to play. Coast to coast, there's just one thing left to sayyayayayayy,: Iv'e Been Waiting All Day for Sunday Night. Get on your feet for a star-spangled fight. More than a game, its every fan's right. That's why were watin' all day for Sunday night. Sunday Night Football on NBC. Al and Chris are the best on TV. Stars are wrapped, it's the place to be, cause the NFL rocks on NBC, Yeah!

Sem traduções disponíveisSem traduções disponíveis
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