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The Convo

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Familiar place Strange disposition Same dice as yours but I throw em different

You try to write songs but they′re Limerick Face for the mocktober fest that's a gimmick Holding James Holden the idiots are winning Acoustic guitars superficial words is all you want in the show Diluted spars wannabe mystical generic hoe It′s all in your flows it's all on your clothes Blank in the rows you call yourself goals Give me the 0's if that′s what I score Give you the dose deep in your throat Hope you don′t choke on a wild fucking joke Cause it's true Fire is all I ever spit in the booth All about me what I see and you Watch me watch me come out Come out nude Watch me watch me spill the Juice All about me what I see and you When I see your face My hearing loss comes thru creeping Saw your mouth move heard you but I′m never listening I only listen to the ones I love The rest I shove

Sem traduções disponíveisSem traduções disponíveis
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