The A-Bones

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You used to say, when I was down There's more to life outside this, white trash midwestern town You birthed the spark in my brain

Said it'd be sunny, but that night it rained Wet shoes as I stepped on the plane Found a seat and closed the window shade I fell asleep and then awoke to a shake I overheard like they spoke my name The captain said, "It'll be a task to make it" To LAX with a storm like this "We'll try our best", he said with a nervous grit You could hear the breath, you could see the face Of a man who'd cut the tension if his hands didn't shake He's got a wife, two girls, and a home on the ground And the most disturbing part is they don't know it's going down I'll paint the sky you'll fly in Tired of the act of lying Lowering my eyes to see you Telling all the lies to be with you But not in the fire and not in the crash The weather, the storm, you say will end intact It's when he goes home that it becomes real There's a small part of him that resents the wheels He hates the wings and the bolts that hold them Together like promises they never told him He thinks they deserve the same life that he had He wished the fucking engine would've blown to pieces

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