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#together against coronavirus

Back to the days of the basement, your bitch need a facelift My bitch off them pages, she don't give a damn kid, life is so amazing I just bought a lazyboy and now my lazyboy is tainted

I can't give two fucks about the mission statement that they painted I got bitches so amazing at the front door blazing, "yo, wassup?" Doc just face it, there's no one replacement for my drug I'm insane it's crazy but kids are fucking with my car And I'll split your monkey lip you fucking gronky little fuck I'ma grind until I slump, life has no runners up Gotta get it or leave it and these problems piling up Look at me so pasty, what the fuck is in your cup? I've been sitting here for hours and just now you're pulling up I've been scrappy with the baddest so be happy you're an average I'ma click it till the madness come and take me from the planet I don't flow, I just kick rappers and I wrote this in a second I don't take no time to spit my shine, glassy little bastard And these people just forgot how much I've done with no time limit I've got three years left before I blow, time is of the essance I confide with no text message, they're confined within their limits And I'm sick of ten pace balling what the fuck is with that shit? Acting like a rapper but y'all rented for the take I'ma make you fucks so blind, you gon' start to hesitate Are you ready? Yes or no, I'm as certain as they come With the windows tinted up, here's a little piece of love There's a cum stain on the sheets and she's begging for the dick I don't think you're gonna blow and I'm as certain as they get I'ma bust between those hips, I'll redeem her boy she lit Torn up letters now I'm off the song, fuck it this is it

Sem traduções disponíveisSem traduções disponíveis
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