LetrasStrike Back


Última atualização em: 21 de julho de 2017
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Strike back Although this light has a chance of changing the path in which our world is taking is low It makes sense the smallest little voice can make the loudest noise

And if they try to tell me my own fate I′ll turn it around wont hesitate Whats the point of tomorrow if its a future missing you Bring it on cause im just gonna grow up in the battle eh Gonna let the darkness keep on burning my fire aint nobody thats gonna stop me I'm gotta stop this nightmare because I′m dreaming of my future Past, future, present its the world that we live in im not afraid of my past cause tomorrow keeps approachin' fast im screaming out for my pride And I need you to wipe your tears the time has come for you to face your tears to know (Im never falling down I keep on sailing sees my destiny) Keep find a world to make you smile if it keeps you around a while Dont go (I gotta shake up the pain for you and me may our fears rest in peace) I will strike back End

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