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#together against coronavirus

Play the guitar Since you left, our home feels like an abandoned building

I just sleep in my truck at night because our bed's too cold And all these beer cans turn to ash trays filled with Winston Reds Your cell phone's off, wishin' you would have left a note Because baby, then I'd know what was so bad I was drunk so I forget what I did Should have never let me drink tequila, girl, you know how I get Dear Rebecca, when you comin' home? I'll wait forever if forever ever comes Was it 'cause I wrecked your car When I left that titty bar? Or the bar tab that I charged When I stole your Mama's credit card? I'm sorry, girl, woo Baby, I know all the times I done you wrong and all I don't deserve you Come on, girl I don't understand why you just can't call me (Staring at my phone) Another Friday night all alone at the Golden Corral The same one we had our first date The night you tried your first mid rare steak We couldn't wait to get home, having sex in the handicapped parking You remember that? So why'd you up and leave me, girl, what's all this about? Hell, I swear sometimes I wish you never bonded me out Dear Rebecca, when you comin' home? We've been together, been together for too long So don't believe those rumours you've been listening to 'Cause when I'm with your sister, Misty, I pretend like it's you I got a bad feeling that I might know where you went When I looked on your Facebook page I saw my best friend Jim Girl, you better not slept with him Oh no, little Becky Lynn God dammit, girl 'Cause no matter what the outcome is I'm whoopin' his ass Girl, I've cheated on you too and you keep taking me back Dear Rebecca, baby, when you comin' home? 'Cause he could never ever give you what you want And I hope you understand If I get a second chance, I'll show you there's no other man That'll love you like your second cousin can Dear Rebecca Come on, girl

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