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Ray Stevens

Martin Christen submeteu a letra desta música. A letra está correta?

- Hey there, Jewlio! - No, no, that′s Julio! Julio! - You make all the women tremble... hey, Jewlio! - Julio! Julio! - You're a regular sex symbol A Latin lover like no other A Don Jew-Won it′s true - Eh, what? - But did ya know, Jewlio, I'm a sex symbol, too? - Hey, Raymone! - Yeah, Jewlio? - You make all the women giggle. - Must be my beard. - Hey, Raymone! - What is it? - You're a southern fried sex symbol. - Yeah... - A one man band, you′re funny And you have that certain charm - Yeah I do... - Hey, Raymone, I′ll bet you'll kill ′em... down on the farm! Sex symbols! (Sex symbols!) - Like Boxcar Willie! - Fernando Lamas... Sex symbols! (Sex symbols!) - Yeah, like George Goober Lindsay - Valentino! We could go on and on. - They all have that certain something. - What it is, it's hard to tell - Maybe it′s your voice, your looks, your tan? - Or maybe it's your tarzan yell? That′s it! That's it! - Hey, you know what Jewlio? - What's that? - I′ve seen you sing out there in Las Vegas - Yeah? - And I′ve seen what you call those good lookin' High tone women throw their frilly unmentionables On stage with their motel keys... - Yeah, it′s really embarrassing sometimes. - You're tellin′ me... - Why I remember one night I was in Atlanta I just broke into "It's Me Again, Margaret" And those orthopedic industrial strength pantyhose Literally filled the air - You′re kidding? - No I'm not... I'm tellin′ you, All this sex appeal can be a heavy cross to bear! Sex symbols! (Sex symbols!) - Like Grandpa Jones! - Ricardo Montalban Sex symbols! (Sex symbols!) - Like Jerry Clower - Valentino! We could go on and on! - They all have that certain something - Makes the women lose their poise - Maybe it′s your long, black wavy hair? - Or maybe it's your camel noise? Sex symbols! - Hey, Raymone, have you ever been asked To pose for a magazine? - Yeah, I sure have! - Was it Playgirl? Or Cosmo? - Naw, it was a medical journal of some kind. I ate too much boiled okra one night and broke out In a rash all over my body, the doctors said they Ain′t never seen nothin' like it. - Chihuaha! - Then there was that time Ripley′s Believe it or Not, Wanted to come out and take some shots. I was busy, though... - Caramba! - Yeah, I was posing for Field and Stream! Just caught an eight pound small mouth...

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