LetrasEuropean Skinhead Army

No Remorse

Última atualização em: 25 de julho de 2017
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Tear down the statues, this time the world, We're teaming up and it's blood against gold, We've got the music, we've got the bands,

We never lose, we play the winning hand Chorus: European Skinhead Army, We stand together for the White Man's cause, European Skinhead Army, We have the power and on the streets, WE ARE THE LAW! We're on the streets, every night, This land is ours, we want to keep it White, Smash the reds, White Power! We raise our hands to the sunwheel banner Hail to Odin, and Hail Hitler, We're seeking out every race traitor, See you in battle, or in Valhalla, We fight for Europe With the might of Thor's hammer

Sem traduções disponíveisSem traduções disponíveis
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