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Mome Boys

Última atualização em: 17 de Março de 2020
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#together against coronavirus

What's up pussies? We're back in this bitch Season two You stay beneath us

We stay at the top The grind never stops 2020 the year of the flex It's over (here we go) Shoot the puck out on the deck Ain't verified but I get the check I'm locked in like golden state You fishin for likes, don't got no bait (okay) Hit it one time just like the chronic Hit it and dash, I'm out like I'm sonic Hop out the zoo like it's Chattanooga 2Pac is alive and living in Cuba The beat is sick, pass me some tissues Got Lizzie Keen with the daddy issues I shoot my shot and I don't miss Ain't goin' home, don't call me Chris Stop for a minute, man hold up Gave her tongue tattoo like a fruit rollup Okay Oh I'm shining, I'm shining Shining bright ooh like a fuckin' brown diamond Got the swag too like a kite in the night High as shit got your mom ridin' my bike Open twitch chat and I'm lurkin' Think I'm not doin' shit Man I'm fuckin workin' Bitch makin' money donate that shit right back Chillin' in Pokimane's chat lookin like a snack I'm in the whip, with your mom Taking her to Vietnam Crocs on my feet Wait let me send a tweet I'm not vegan I eat meat Tyrone on the beat They call me jumpman stompin' on these goombas Your girl is a whale, she a beluga And that's facts (incoming) Eenie meenie miney mo Suckin' your wife's fuckin' toes If he holla, let 'em know I fucked his wife in the back room at Costco My wife got fucked in the back room at Costco That's a fuckin' lot of shit that I don't wanna deal with I fuckin' hate you Why would you ruin our marriage? It's over (Costco baby) Because of Costco (Costco baby) I have a gold membership and you threw it all away (Costco baby) Fuck you bitch we're done (Okay is that good?) Why the fuck my dick hard? I dunno Off ya hoe I ate chipotle Then she lick the bowl (bro) This flow is pretty stupid tho (bro) She like What you doin' step bro? Lowkey I sneak diss, still a genius Haven't left the stu, since a fetus (yeah) You post a pic Can you delete this? (You what?) Bitch! Yeah! I sent you to the gallows With my brothers, I'm at barrows Barry Allen, I'm on my run You can't be me, I'm one of one Wait, I haven't heard of these guys in Like two years but they kinda spit bars I look up to these guys They're my role models That was sick Bars I'm putting this in my playlist right now Okay Bye

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