LetrasThe Almighty Dollar

Miss Cannonball

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Im never gonna sell my soul for no fool′s gold. I rather die innocent young than old. Who says life celebration brings live creation.

Despise fake nation at the same time take a motion I wish all single person understand on which ground we stand. If you do come as you are and raise your hand But as my thoughts gets deeper, I see the world in different figures You 're all relying around me I am the gardener Recycling old modes tones and tonalities Wondering about codes of moralities. Yo! Innocence is a constancy in a sense So what we′ve witness yesterday will still shine tomorrow Awake the next day we still feel the sorrow The almighty dollar is the one we gots to run. It's the almighty dolar, I'm never gonna forget my soul, Never forget why my friends here for, That why sometimes I′m afraid of the cold Somedays I feel lost even if I′m free That why sometimes I'm afraid of the cold Somedays I feel lost even if I′m free If you see me falling please rescue me Why sometimes I just can't understand Trap in this life like a innoncent lamb Why sometimes I just can′t understand Trap in this life like a innoncent lamb. Oh lord! Your rhythm is my song, Let say that you gotta work now, Cause Monday means money and that how appears the fool's gold in our life It′s a path That you can see through, A spiritual path that you must go through in life But don't forget that your just like a clown Cause no king ever finds truth in life Oh no! The clown put on a costume And you put on some rings Feel like I presume you'll pull on some strings Oh Lord! Please forgive all the kings and all of the sins that I sings Cause man, man are only man Even when they pray They′ll go to you and say Give me more money Give me more power, But don′t give me no soul Cause I'm just another monkey Trap in reality One day we will rise over this.

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