LetrasTipperary So Far Away

Michael Feeney's Irish Band

Última atualização em: 31 de agosto de 2021
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Well the sun it had set with it′s golden ray's and the bitter fight was ore Our brave boy′s lay, beneath the clay of this earth they are no more The moon beam shone 'ore the battlefield where the dying Rebel he lay His arms were crossed and his body stretched as his life blood flowed away There was none to weep for you 'Seán a stóir′ as you lay upon the ground Yet his comrades knew he was one of our own as he wearily looked around Oh! lift me gently, he whispered, no longer on this earth can I stay I shall never more roam to my own native home in Tipperary so far away The soldiers of Ireland bore him high on their shoulders and solemnly tread For many a heart with a tearful sigh wept for our patriot dead In silence they lowered him to his grave to rest ′til his reckoning day Seán Treacy who died, his home to save In Tipperary so far away Seán Treacy who died our homes to save in Tipperary so far away

Sem traduções disponíveisSem traduções disponíveis
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