LetrasThe Czar


Última atualização em: 21 de julho de 2017
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Don't stay; run away He has ordered assassination Don't stay; run away

The henchmen are gathered and waiting Don't stay; run away Your role as usurper is found out Don't stay; run away Tsarina has warned of the danger It's your own fault That is what we wanted It's your own fault This is where we lay By the light of the moon You must escape into the deep black of the night Fight the devil inside Enemies poison deep within my second sight Wasting valuable time Ride the tides of blood Illumination Beauties sudden hand Shattered crown Stretching arms up high We're on our way now Leave the Czar to die Spiraling up through the crack in the sky Leaving material world behind I see your face in constellations The martyr is ending his life for mine

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