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Lux Revival

Última atualização em: 20 de Abril de 2020
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#together against coronavirus

You, you take the wind right out of me Or so it seems, or so it seems I would waste my hours scouring your skin

Won't you let me in, you let me in So- say wait Say wait Just wait Just wait, just wait Just wait For my call again I might never pretend again I will never extend again I feel lost When I'm not here But I feel lost anywhere So don't say a fucking prayer for me, you're scared for me Just wait Just you wait Just you wait Yeah, just you, wait, wait, wait, wait But it's just not your style to wait I can see it in your smile, my fate Ever since I've left the wasteland, hey man I'm not a stalker, but I know you're with your ex again Wish I could say my feelings are complex my friend The only word to come to mind is arrogance Tell me to come home, but you're on the fence In this life, you should try again Just try not to lie again Would you make up your mind again, so I would have wasted forever by your side But I can't hide, and it's not time, so I wait for hours just to get your text You say let's have sex That's all I'm good for anyway Okay, okay Let's fucking play If you have it your way again, I will make a mess I will break my own heart, it hurts less to walk off And I don't think I'll walk again And I'm not gonna talk again I swear I swear I'm on the verge of a breakdown, more like a takedown Mental shakedown, I'm on the ropes Feel like I have no hope because I have no dope left I have nothing to sort my addictions And little sorts of affliction from you I just need the abuse I just wanted it Cause' I swear that I don't care about you at all I swear, I just needed someone to take the fall So bleed Fucking bleed Fucking bleed Fucking bleed Ah fuck

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