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#together against coronavirus

I been going so hard that it ain't no stopping me Bankrolls in the trap now when im used to all that poverty Tell me where was you at when our landlord cleared the property

Tell me where was you at when it was time for to ride for me You ain't have my back whenever niggas thought about robbing me I ain't have that pack whenever niggas tried to rob the g I went double back I had to spin all on the rivalries If they tried to kill me guarantee they fin' to die with me But back to the subject I was raised like fuck it Spazzing out in public Pockets dusty I ain't have no money Ain't really have nothing I got hungry and went fill my stomach While they mouth was running I was gunning out there really thugging Pistols what im trusting I put money where my mouth at I make em believe I might put diamonds where I talk at I speak you see seas And keep on acting like you about that you want to be me I send gorillas where your house at they making you freeze And I pull strings like a guitar Everybody copies what they want be me for I been way too far so now im going three far Got a bad bitch guarantee I keep a foreign broad Hit the dash in foreign cars Trying to meet some movie stars Trying to be a star I'm trying to shoot like I be passing mars Trying to heal my pain that's why I'm throwing back these tabs and bars Trying to fix my brain cause lately I ain't care about what they thought Every time she round I tell that lil hoe get back Forty got that kick back Walk with a limp like im a pimp named slick back Baby I stack big racks Baby I get big checks So if you round or not I guarantee im flashing big stacks Fours up Roll up yea Pour up yea Bankrolls big bucks yea Door ups yea Hot Glocks hop out yea Hot stocks yea Mops out how bout it Im about it Big bank in this stolen car And its shout out to my jeweler for the Audemars They ain't knowing that a nigga like me been had bars Im gon' shoot way past these niggas they ain't going far Big racks thats all I bought Best believe my momma get a crib once a nigga get on one Best believe a nigga flood my grills once it's all said and done Got the forty it stay on my hip I keep that with a big drum Nigga play and I let her rip Told lil mama turn around and strip Told lil mama turn around n dip Keep the pistol it stay on my hip Im gon' throw the roid and keep the clip Tell them niggas to stay out my way I might go and flood my Rollie face In a plastic bag so ain't no case When I let it blast so im okay aye aye All my shit be frozen like a freezer You could call me up all you want I still won't come and meet you I keep that thirty eight revolver yea that be my heater Im gon' fuck all on top lil mama just cause she a diva And lil baby know that this dick is what im going to feed her I know she gon' eat cause lil mama yea she been a eater Im gon' fuck on chick real quick I swear that I won't mistreat her But that's just til I catch this nut and then I got to leave her

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