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#together against coronavirus

You ever wonder what your life would be like if you paid some attention I see checks and a name worth mention I see a road to your ultimate ascension

I'm so far gone 'cause my mind needs cleansing The clouds is my home I travel to new dimensions The road to redemption trust the astral projections I been too pretentious ever since adolescence The truth lie within me, see it through my reflections I know that I fall into these crevices in my head They're not distractions they my getaways The world is so grey, I'm admitting quite frank it's dead A space cadet on his holiday A solo vessel in the universe where I am the captain That's where I'm at whenever y'all assume I'm distracted It's funny 'cause I made this all happen self-relied The rite of passage is I A time for changing is nigh I know that you feel the surge through words that I bartered Why do I even bother Ima end up a martyr for shifting the tides from nothing to something with my beliefs Trust by any means Ima make the signal clear Baby don't have no fears We about to eat 'till the cattle crying in tears Maybe I been distracted Maybe I got accustomed Maybe I lost the passion But trust me this ain't for nothing All that I hear is silence Baby don't mind the violence All that I see is visions of flying and I'm the pilot I'm dying to pay attention I'll answer in just a second I know that you feel the pressure The moments I'm recollecting Just gimme a little more

Sem traduções disponíveisSem traduções disponíveis
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