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Lil Chronie, Evil Wizard

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Minin with Steve yeah we out here in the mine Got full diamond, cuz I was on a grind Gonna hide cuz I just saw a zombie

Going to the nether you know nothings gonna stop me ay We go to fight the ender dragon yeah Might not make it out but imma get that bag All my animals, they are in a farm Got that looting three, to the mobs you are warned I love canes so I buy their chicken Arrive before close, my fingers I′ll be lickin' If I pull up and they are all out of sauce You know my goofy ahh is gonna be gone Makin time machines in my room with Stewie If you think I like Meg you never knew me Me and Peter out here with all our shenanigans I′ll crash a helicopter into Cleveland's house again I'm with Lois and we′re watching Star Wars Me and quagmire are here with all our girls Brian′s so annoying with his stupid red collar I'm like a pewtershmit because I have so many dollars Listening to country music on repeat Sittin in my truck and I′m chewin on some wheat I am from the south and I don't care You know denim jeans are all I will wear Gonna go feed a chicken on my farm A tornado ain′t gonna do my ranch no harm I am in school with my boy Jeep Tyler Chewin' Frosted Flakes like I′m Tony the Tiger I be in my crib listening to loaded diaper Throwing footballs at rowley, broke a windshield wiper If manny cries again I am gonna scream I like Rodrick but he can be really mean You know I miss Lizzy the second My citations for class no reference Now that prince Charles is in power Discord mods will finally take a shower This song goes hard and I wrote it cuz I could I didn't wanna make a banger but I knew I should When this song hits number one Me and yung tuck will be done ay

Sem traduções disponíveisSem traduções disponíveis
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