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I've done something wrong But my desire for fame and fortune was just too strong I've been a good ol' Joseph Fritzl all along

I just wanted to make a Billboard Top Ten song One hit song But in my keyboard I didn't find... ...that perfect take-off sound... ...that a tropical hit demands I tried every flute I found But I couldn't play that sound... ...that could put you in a trance Make everybody dance But then I went to Karl Johan... ...and I heard this awesome band... ...play the flute called Pan It was a pan flute band And I am mearly just a man... ...so I rented me a van... ...and led them on... ...with two for one Had to be done Had to be done *Instrumental* But now I'm sad Cuz my conscience tells me what I've done is bad It was the pan flute's magic sound that made me mad I destroyed something amazing for a fad A stupid fad And then I came to realise... ...stealing indians isn't nice So i tried to make amends... ...with fountain fun like in "Friends" Give them bracelets, fix their hair Give them flat caps they could wear But nothing cleared the air I went back to Karl Johan There was not an awesome band There was no band land... ...and a stupid stand And it was hard for me to see... ...all the pain and apathy... ...from the lack of pan The awesome pan flute band All because of me So i set them free *Instrumental* End

Sem traduções disponíveisSem traduções disponíveis
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