King Ly Chee

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我地仲未放棄 對自己立下盟誓 信念就係一切

我地仲未放棄 個個話我會放低... 團火仲有熾熱光煇 We built a world of our own A world that belonged to us alone Compassion was our only goal Within these walls, we found our home. 無人會問原因 無人會關心 响呢度牆內 就係我地嘅根 黎嘅黎,走嘅走,天下無不散之筵席 走到天,走到地,自己開創新領域 Times may Have changed This spirit remains. When the world is crumbling around you How do you not question your beliefs? When the world has turned its back on you What else do you have left to give? You just have to believe Times may Have changed This spirit remains. 時間流轉 This spirit remains. 浩氣長存 我地係HKHC

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