LetrasThank You For Being My Friend

Kim Boyce

Última atualização em: 1 de maio de 2022
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You love me in the good times You Love in the bad You′ve talked me the hardest nights Helped me to laugh when I was sad I've told you all my crazy dreams You word gave hope to me In spite of all my failures You inspire me to believe Do You know how much your love has meant to me CHORUS Thank you for being my friend Years come and go, you stay Jesus, keep caring for me, I just wanna say Thak you for being my friend There was never a time when your love was in doubt Every tear that I′ve cried you've know all about There is no greater friend 'Cause You laid down your life So with all my heart one more time I′ll try to say Thak you for being my friend Bow can I say thak you for being my friend

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