LetrasBrand New Dance

Johnny Cash

Última atualização em: 25 de Julho de 2017
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Baby you're tired I can see in your eyes I know how you feel We've been together too long to conceal What's in you hearts maybe we should part but after so many years

That would only bring loneliness sorrow and tears and anyway I never could never would never will ever kill what's between us So let's try again we'll start a brand new dance between old friends There will always be days when it don't seem to pay when it just doesn't rhyme Well let's bound to happen some of the time Our best days ain't gone we don't need to move on well maybe we could try But I don't think you can make it and neither could I and anyway I never could... Baby come here love ain't disappeared you're just feeling low And let me tell you my darling it's a feeling I know It don't mean too much we just got out of touch well that's easy to change Cause loving you ain't too hard to arrange and anyway I never could...

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