LetrasThe Color Black

Jerome Melo

Última atualização em: 22 de junho de 2020
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#together against coronavirus

If so happen I die today Need you all to be stronger We don't need no more philosophers

We need more soldiers Common sense Is not too common No common ground just commotion Dont ask me why I'm hungry Then watch them eat off my culture Emotionally exhausted True artist at heart But my heart aches And heavy of course Other then women Black people the closest thing to the lord Crazy all it takes is conversation We make it so hard Making our way through a storm Forget true colors Black is the only Reward Black is way more than beautiful Black made y'all who you are Being black is the biggest influence Black needs to be the new norm But when we getting murdered Nobody want to be black anymore Never been 'bout the virus Can't hide us from the sun Slowly but surely plant seeds 'Cause we gotta get it out the mud We are the powerful ones We got all the above Y'all the one giving us drugs We need way more than a month They knew if we knew our powers We prolly pull the plug Care less about what they say They not the ones in front of these guns Crazy my OG never know Last time she will speak to her son Only care when it hits home You don't want that to come Guarantee if anything happens To any loved one Yuhh That nothing 'bout to hold me back Nothing 'bout to hold me back Nothing 'bout to hold me back And nothing 'bout to hold me back Do the math In full effect In full attack Not 'bout to keep asking Where the love for sisters and my brothers at I'm done with that Swear to God when this dropped I'mma make the devil sweat Catch these hands, catch me outside How about that Expect nothing less than Couple skulls cracked Riots, protests, fires, bats, broken necks Coming back strapped Dressed in all black Couple cats with gats That can't wait to smack everybody coming by like pack In a trap That nothing 'bout to hold me back Nothing 'bout to hold me back Nothing 'bout to hold me back And nothing 'bout to hold me back Look Ever since I can remember Anytime I left the crib my mom always warns me about the cops Warning me to never to give them a reason to come at me crazy But what I had to learn is, it didn't matter how I carried myself I'm a young black man in America with a sense of self That refuses to stop learning They don't like that I want to know a little bit of everything and create a platform That not only my voice could reach the masses But also others are that have nothing more to say besides Use their art as a weapon

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