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I tell my son about the race Of ancient Aryans who now are being in disgrace Because one jew that crept out from the mud

Had said he′s only son of only god I tell my son about the times When Aryan land was living out of jewish lie and crimes And now it's time this order to revive Because the Aryan race has to survive White boys, white girls, White Power over world New order fixed by iron hand There′s no return, no cause to cry and mourn This is the future of our land I tell my son what's wrong or right I never let him think that jewish preacher is his guide I point my son at only way This is our land and here we have to stay The ripple of stream, the song of birds The sun is shining brighter over best land in the world I see my son and think with pride He'll grow up and we′ll be fighting side by side When all the patriot′s sons will grow into men Together we will feel forgotten might again We'll banish all the aliens from the Aryan land On them we never shall depend

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