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"Fallin" (Feat. Lazie Boi & Tyga) Cause baby I'm lonely Can somebody hold me It feel like I'm fallin now, I can't hold my ground It feels like I'm only Trying but slowly It feels like I'm fallin now, I can't hold my ground No more Probably one of my realest loves ever, four page letters In time it's all better, 'cause time heal whatever I'mma need a moment cause moments last forever Cars with cream leather, females are on regular What's the point in titles, we liking it how they tell us I'd rather stay friends with benefits 'til we ready Now ready, Sean Don got me feeling heavy She like one more chance, more problems, no Biggie, ah It's all good, don't take it the wrong way Ain't nothing personal, but who this nigga in your face? We can leave together or you can take your space The night young, we should head over to my place Ha, now we laughing and all that Tell your friend they can fall back Ain't even gotta ask twice She said what you feeling like? I'm like... Jimmy can crack corn but I don't care My enemies crack corn but I don't care You can be black white or albino yeah You can have cornrows inside your hair I give a fuck if I don't like your stare This bottle of wine goes upside your head A little bit psycho but I know that Think you just don't say it and I won't say it See if you don't brag then I don't brag I know I'm bad as long as I know I'm bad I don't need ya'll to co-sign no shit You can just keep making them tired old threats Little bit like the boy who cried wolf did See me but don't dare to try no shit Cuz you know that somewhere inside those layers The rattlesnakes right there to bite your ass And I can be so quite and strike so fast Like lightening bolts right out the sky go blast

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