LetrasHoof and Lap / The Devil's…

Emilie Autumn

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Oh the night is young With the lashes hung And the fillies all in heat How their laps turn plum, When the church dogs come Sniffing for a seat But a lady sits heart And legs crossed As tight lipped as a mouse Though I find when i lift my legs My hooves bring down the house : Mein Liebe, Mein Welbe Spielt den Wildpferden Klap-Klip-Klap Mit unsere Röcken Hochgezogen Und im Grätschsitz und Reitgerte Mein Liebe, Mein Welbe Stieg auf die Wildpferde Kilp-Klop-Klip To the Hound, around of Hell On the Devil′s carousel Once a pious dog was worshipping On his master's thighs Outside the fillies tramped and brayed Unsaddled in the sties Aroused he slid down his master′s pants Bannisters and rails To scratch upon the stable door And poke forbbiden tales. He tender footed in the barn ___?___? and thick And lept? between the fillies legs To mark his bailing whick Some girls fall for fables Some fall just for kicks So bar the doors And thrash the hooves Let's teach a dog new tricks 2X

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