LetrasDon't Blame Me

Emilie Autumn

Última atualização em: 21 de julho de 2017
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The sun goes down the same as it did before, The roses die as their petals fall to the floor. The opera was always an awful bore,

So don′t blame me. Your poetry was never in vast supply, So if you're less than inspired, I wouldn′t cry. Your broken heart is hardly the reason why, So don't blame me. You weren't as good at dancing as you evidently thought, You swear that you were charming once, I promise you were not. So if you′re treated badly now, I′d scarcely be surprised, You're seen for what you really are, it′s time you realized that If you feel you're finally going gray, You were a long time ago, that should make your day. Your dog was never your best friend anyway, So don′t blame me. You've never thought of anything original before, So why should you be startled, if you can′t think anymore? And getting out of bed is now a challenge on its own, And eating's even harder, I don't care, leave me alone! I know a woman′s power is undenied, And if I ruined your life I′d be filled with pride. Yet I could not harm you even if I tried, So don't, don′t, don't blame me Don′t blame me.

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