LetrasIn our town

Daniel Ingram

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Heads high, ponies! Marching proud! All together now! Every one of you! No pony left behind! Life is so grand in our town We're always filled with cheer We never have to look around To know that we're all here In our town, in our town We don't have to wait To find out that our destiny Is just to emulate Let's see those big, happy smiles! Life is a smile in our town Our cutie marks the same Because we do not separate Ourselves by more than name In our town, in our town We dare not compete Winning only breeds the worst Ego-filled conceit You see? Now everypony wins! Life is a joy in our town We're all equal here No one is superior And no one shakes in fear In our town, in our town We work as a team You can't have a nightmare If you never dream Other ponies argue Do you ever wonder why? When you think your talent's special You don't see eye-to-eye There's just too many differences That lead to disarray But when you learn to act as one It's like a holiday In our town, in our town We don't complicate When you learn to simplify Life is oh, so great Join in our utopia Come out of the dark Banded by equality

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