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D-Lite Tha Don

Última atualização em: 15 de Março de 2020
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#together against coronavirus

Bands in bag when I hop out the whip Got played so many I know all tricks Feet sturdy in the floor I ain't going trip

Coughed on the mic so my bars come out sick If I'm coming then I'm Running anytime I hear a beat Only getting better and that what matter to me Hating cause my flow is unique Trying yalls best to get in between With the drama taking bout my mama If I drop a record on you ima get the commas Running the beat now my side hurt Fire in the bones like I'm ghost rider Ima make it for bro's I'ma make it for the fam Making for the city and ima be the man Making a statement with my fist raised high God works his ways I hope he replies Y'all be lying in y'all captions with them fake actions Anytime my mic turn on I hear my passion Grinding day and night what even is relaxing No determination that's what I'm sick of Punch u in the chest make it look like a hiccup If you call my phone I ain't going pick up You know it's d-lite when the beat hit when the snare clap When I come back Gauntlet on when I snap You said sum better run it back Cause ion like when people talk behind backs Cause y'all dissing in lines All sneaks no name needed Stay conceited Mad cause I ain't been defeated If I call someone out they name ain't leaving For a while bars long like the Nile Leave me mad and sad no smiles Making music I like so you like Swing on a g you miss and get out like a third strike Y'all stay hating on my bars but my views still climbing Getting cash by rhyming don't mean I stop grinding Deal is 30k I ain't leavin my bro's I ain't signing Getting to the blue checks but where my blue check Write til my brain dead and I see sweat I know I know y'all ain't going say my name Y'all just attention and a LIL fame Starting rumors but you state facts Cleaning the game now I gotta dirty rag Always been trying to get to the racks Cause you know I always stay in my bag Aye!

Sem traduções disponíveisSem traduções disponíveis
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