LetrasOh Well, I Tried My Best


Última atualização em: 22 de Abril de 2020
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#together against coronavirus

Conversations with the holy ghost I was taught that I should never boast Now I feel like I am too far gone

I've been at this for way too long I tried to take the next logical step Lost my footing, I failed your test Tried to sink my teeth into the flesh I give up, oh well I tried my best Conversations with the devil I lost touch when I started to settle Down to the core I feel rotten at best I am frustrated and way too stressed Out of my mind, quickly running out of time And sick of telling myself that everything is fine But you can tell me that if you feel so inclined And I won't get mad oh no not this time Seems like no matter how hard I strive It's not enough to feel fully alive

Sem traduções disponíveisSem traduções disponíveis
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