LetrasThe Land of Nod

Ben Lorentzen

Última atualização em: 27 de janeiro de 2021
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Take a deep breath, give me your hands Covered up with mud and blood Staring at your enermy's back While there're chances swimming all around you Lean back in the chair I know exactly what your eyes saying Listen right before you fail apart Only thing you must let go In between your thick eyebrow The lines you don't need anymore to Stay strong, in the land of nod Don't reload the gun you've thrown Raise your fist, a coward's gone Stand up, win the freedom That is your Land of Nod Winning trophies you never need That's just what you'll earn on your way If your pockets' full of them Why not make a hole to let them go What you hide in a bag, Ain't no better than how they look Gotta take off right before you fall Only thing you need to know Is that you should never blow The candlelight that led you to this place The Land of Nod Don't ignore the tears you've seen Don't Forget the torn blue jeans That's the strongest man You'll ever meet in the Land of Nod

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