LetrasReincarnation (vocal version)


Última atualização em: 25 de julho de 2017
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The edge of the night sky's robe Skims the surface of earth Then, a soul holds on to it

The way how it clung to it's mother He's turning to a star In the deep serene sky, now looking down on me And the sky seems to be the God's eye Let us cherish the love from former life There's no light in this time and space May I remember those memories of love Though millions of years will fly away One of the flowers might wither and die And then another one will be born again Rain falls to river and The river will become the rain again Souls falling down to the life and the world Another one's crusing across the sky Looking for every love from ancient time On and on ... In a unknown small town, there's always dawning calm A soul holds on to the sunlight Under the deep blue-eyed sky Shivering and crying out loud Because, we don't know why The reason we come back to This life full of divine secrets

Sem traduções disponíveisSem traduções disponíveis
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