LetraCrazy Arms

Willie Nelson

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Última atualização em: 26 de julho de 2022
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Now blue ain′t the world for the way that I feel And the storm's brewing in this heart of mine This ain′t no crazy dream I know that it's real

And you're someone else′s love now you′re not mine Crazy arms that reach to hold somebody new And my yearning heart keeps saying you're not mine My troubled mind knows soon to another you′ll be wed And that's why I′m lonely all the time (Steel) So please take these treasured dreams I have for you and me And take all the love I thought was mine Someday these crazy arms will hold somebody new but now I'm so lonely all the time Crazy arms that reach to... And that′s why I'm lonely all the time

Nenhuma tradução disponívelNenhuma tradução disponível
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