LetraBelieve in Me - 2015 Remaster

Todd Rundgren

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Última atualização em: 3 de janeiro de 2023
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Please don′t look at me that way, I can hardly say what I have to say, There is nothing that I haven't told to you That I didn′t believe you knew. I am thinking of another time I could feel you thinking that you were mine, Now I hold out my hands 'til my arms get tired And you wait on the other side. You and me, we're both the same, Don′t let me take all the blame, I promise that I will do all it takes to make up for my mistakes. So, I′m trying hard to be the man And it's not a hard thing to understand, For I think that my being would cease to be If you didn′t believe in me, if you didn't believe in me.

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