LetraDeath of a dream

The Eden Project

Última atualização em: 31 de agosto de 2021
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I find it funny The lights we shone burn us out So I just keep running But I can′t catch this horizon It's always just further than I Know it never ends I fear what I′m dreaming of And know It feels like heaven When you are lost And it feels like I'm out of time And it feels like an end I can't overwrite No not this time In the beginning We always dreamed to be where we are now The human condition We chase lines that we redefine So close but still so far I′m falling apart Want to be what the world forgot And I know It feels like heaven when you are lost But it feels like I′m out of time And it feels like an end I can't overwrite And it feels like I′m watching my childhood dreams Just fade and die Oh we grow older, but never learn to say Goodbye.

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Sincronizada porFrancisco Monzón
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