LetraHeartbreaks, no cheques

The Convo

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US Heartbreaks No cheques Start fresh no make Part flesh I′m opaque Gardens all snakes Flaunting fake friends Flaunting fake self Burying self hate Making new amends Fucking up new trends Crafting nuisance That's when I lose it Bleeding bruising Still find me grooving Chasing blueprints Don′t need to prove this Cut the filters off my thoughts See my waves on the box Pave ways as we a knock Commerce art criss cross Commune clock like it's lost Don't know how to cover this Moon walk to New York Cause that′s where my love is Tomb glocks will pop pop That′s what's bothering Loss of my uncle is Never ever smothering Iconic vision Colossal reminiscing In every damn brick you′re re living Lose focus and Pop a xan hop in a van Stare at the fan understand While I can I'm the man Indifferent pick a pen This the end of what begin 2nd blade hella fade Meditate Motherfucker don′t hate me Motherfucker don't hate me Expression over flow they relate see 78.7 miles just to break a sweat My pretty baby asked Would you take a political stand? I said maybe On a land where you can do stand up comedy But what you crack a joke about can′t flow free

Nenhuma tradução disponívelNenhuma tradução disponível
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