LetraIf Only I Could Meet You

The Belieber

Última atualização em: 21 de julho de 2017
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You are my star You are my something Wherever you are you will still be my king

But I want you to see how much you really mean to me And I hope that one day I will make my dream a reality Cause you're not just my idol You're more like a friend Who I don't really talk to but I think about, night and end I had a dream once about the day I met you "It was a saturday when I went to the venue And so I lined up in the meet and greet queue I waited so patiently for my turn to meet you I looked around and everyone was smiling and being happy Cause they're meeting their idol I was next, this was happening I was crying and my heart started pounding The guard looked at me, he was a little bit frightening He said, "I don't bite" and we both started laughing He took my hand and lead me in You were more beautiful than I had seen in the photos You are flawless. You gave me that smile of comfort Then you pulled me in by my waist And said, "It's nice to see you today" "How are you?" "are you okay?" I said "you're the reason for my smile everyday". You whispered in my ear and held me tight You told me, "Everything will be alright If you believe in yourself and never say never You can achieve whatever" I woke to the sound of my phone ringing My poster had fallen from the ceiling and I picked it up Put it there, I look at your smile and your lovely hair I lay back down, closed my eyes Wanting to return and fantasize but it was just a dream Nothing was real. I guess I'll just sit her and have to deal With the fact that I'll never meet my idol As much as I want you to hold me tight and tell me "Everything will be alright" So listen justin, make it true? I just really want to meet you Please, make it true! Justin, I love you Baby, I love you

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