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Última atualização em: 14 de janeiro de 2023
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You can′t thirst trap me They call me mr plan see He got burnt no degree

All they see was debris Got a sentence and it is lengthily Yeah don't resent me Out here I′m not free Heart on the line jubilee I need it back as soon as possible He wants to fight the case He won't take the plea You got a brick You see one I see three In me all they see is I see three Champagne on ice my gee Fresh home it's a spending spree Styles that′s my trustee And my confidant I′m confident My business I oversee Make it to the next life Through faith it is guaranteed All this pain yeah it's temporary Got a brick from referrals Bad browning Senegal Perfect skin no need for retinol Styles out two nights and he got recalled I can′t remember if I cried I'm used to it can′t I remember if I tried Yeah why did you lie? Why why did you lie? I didn't see my first and my second child Now I see my first second and my third child I love to see them smile The way I′m livings wild They try hold me back but I'm God's child They smile in your face then they stab you They smile in your face then they stab you I said they smile in your face Then they stab you they cut you neglect you

Nenhuma tradução disponívelNenhuma tradução disponível
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