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#together against coronavirus

Though your actions were just, you know too much Though the cause is now gone, the dark you brushed Left a permanent stain, you've become a risk

Though this wasn't your fault, you must be purged for this They were not to die you gave your word Those who held the chaos, you'd inter? Crawled their way from trenches to salvation Betrayed by your words We'll not accept such wayward fate We as human shields allow escape Though you open fire onto your allies We'll survive as they should Do you see yourself as valiant saviors? Your acts condemn more lives Than you'd set out to save My hands commit a mercy killing We need this even if your heart's unwilling We will halt you, this you'll know Kysnaros you'll see me wherever you go We will break through the dissent you sow Grimnar you will experience such crushing blows This is shameful, unfathomable Maybe when Joros sees me he'll feel charitable What a concept, how amicable Though perhaps another outcome is preferable Backstabber, you hypocrites! Even you should be able to be better than this Joros can make peace with the ground I'll depart for now but just wait, you'll see me soon I'll let you go this time, our forces realign You'll rue the day and that's the truth For not a moment more Will you ever hence know peace? I'm counting the seconds 'til we next meet Show your penance, submit and learn Or else we'll see your planet burn! Does your hubris know no bounds? Our defiance will resound Your force's strength is gutted now Your interference we can't allow! Then nor shall you prey on the weak Your words are hollow, these actions meek Spurned by need, you make the call You've nothing to gain but will lose it all! As the last stand is prolonged If we die you will be dragged along Though the void shields begin to fade We will not know defeat today! If your forces have to fall Steel yourself as I come aboard By your unrelenting pride So many condemned to die And all the purges you've still planned Know your actions forced my hand And by your traitorous stride This is not where I should die My path just no regrets Save so much heresy left With this coup de grâce stillness Your life debt repaid in full Be still now, stop this madness No more blood shall be drawn from this stone You've shown your true nature, we know what you are now You leashless dogs that never learnt your place Your misguided actions, your blind self-assertion Ignoring our guide to recompense disgrace You spit in our faces, bring shame to our efforts The time will come and oh, we cannot wait To scatter your ashes, revert all your damage Restore the balance that you have debased We'll never forget this, this course that you've taken And though our guns are still One day there'll be amends Heretic enablers who call yourselves "saviors" You condemn us all to darker fates So for the Imperium we'll maintain our silence We'll take ceasefire and hold false peace in hand But you've shown your true nature, we know what you are now You leashless dogs that never learnt your place We won't tar the innocent With the stain of participants They have suffered, they have bled Through their help we stopped the spread On a pathway steeped in blood Our steadfast vigil has begun Stand behind us while they hunt We're the ones they will confront We are the line that's never crossed To these animals who've tasted loss A single death can't be undone Then and they cannot kill all of us As you raise your fragile arms (such bloodshed) As they chase you through the stars (so senseless) We shall shield you from their sight (I call an end) We shall not turn from the fight! (to this vengeance)

Nenhuma tradução disponívelNenhuma tradução disponível
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