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#together against coronavirus

Yeah Skinny white girls and bad habits, that's where it's at Just a sad rapper punk when daddy kicked her out

She got issues, I got issues and we keeping them in tact Smell the cocaine, let it go man, it's like nicotine on crack Share the house with the whole neighbourhood, yeah it's good, y'all don't know Hoes on hoes in hotel rooms ain't nothing to this bro We share models in the swimming pool, it's right above your home We've got cash for days on days on days, ain't scared to let it go Let it grow let it grow, and I threw 'em all a show I'ma let it let it blow like the speakers in a home Scared hoe, scared hoe, we ain't seen that side before Damn girl, damn girl, that ass bouncing off the wall In the hours of the dawn we gon kick it like the stars No don't tell me where you're from, I just wanna see your scars When we wake up in the morning are those earrings coming off Or you kick it like a sinner bitch, the winner bitch you are? Girls, I don't know man, girls with bad habits, fucking mint Couldn't ask for anything more than a bitch with a bad habit People think I'm joking with the shit I'm throwing Never slowing and they know forever glowing Devoted with the poison that I'm snorting Fuck it I'ma hit it in the morning, 'nother story Back when I was rapping on some other shit before the weather crashed Didn't have the villa but she showered, get a towel Scared I'm only 20 and my 40's coming out Gotta get it or they're moving on, fuck it, get it now Make it last like the stash when we let it out Two girls one Skye we gon need a bigger house Got two living rooms and one is for the crowd The other for the slumber motherfuckers not allowed Getting loud, getting loud, neighbours turnt about the sound Get it out, get it out, ain't gon' turn the music down Getting wild, getting wild, they be running 'round and 'round Deadbolt, deadbolt, they gon never break us down Deadbolt, deadbolt, they gon' never break us down

Nenhuma tradução disponívelNenhuma tradução disponível
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