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#together against coronavirus

If it's beef then lemme know ain with that sneak dissing Get up on the beat and I be spitting like my teeth missing My Youngin dem on go and if I tell em they gone keep spinnin

I can't beef about a hoe but if it's up you know how I'm feeling Straight up out them bricks I'm with the shits just like a diaper Nigga say it's beef don't make call up my lil sniper I think he mad about a bitch idk why he cant even pipe her Nigga get up in my way and we gone burn em like a lighter I promise you don't want no smoke lil homie better think again When my Youngins spin they bring choppas and they gone spin again I'm just tryna win I pray the lord forgive me for my sins I got niggas in the pin some in the grave I'll never see again Same niggas dissing same niggas use to show me love Now these niggas envy remember when they tried to roll with us We ain't never lacking every move we got them poles with us Cappin for the gram but these niggas know wasup with us Remember cojacc was finna beat his ahh that nigga ducked the fade Yg he a shooter with the 30 he got hella aim Talm bout running up on who bitch run up on this flame I swear I can't be beefin with these niggas boy they hella lame Nigga dropped a diss but when it's beef we just gone drop yo ahh Send my dawg to sickem tell my young nigga to bag his ahh Step on that lil nigga for talking yea we gone smash his ahh I know they don't want no smoke we got a lot of that Say that he want smoke but he don't really want no static Catch a pussy nigga slipping ima let em have it Real jewelry round my neck yo shit it look like plastic Allat cappin for the gram tell that nigga drop the addy Put that heater on a nigga bet that nigga melt like plastic We is not the same we cut from different fabrics These niggas sweeter than some gummies bitch you sweeter than some candy Taught myself to be a man cuz ain never have no daddy Allat capping for the media these niggas just be lying I can see it in they eyes man these niggas ain't gone slide Man these niggas ain't gone ride when it's up these niggas hiding Lemme know want war and watch how quick you niggas die

Nenhuma tradução disponívelNenhuma tradução disponível
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