LetraThis Money's Yours - Live…

Miss Saigon Original Cast

Última atualização em: 22 de julho de 2017
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This money′s yours Please take it all Hey, you want more?

No, no, I don't want anything Hey, what′s wrong with you? I've not done this before That can't be true! Why would I lie? All the girls lie! They just want to get out of here Maybe you′re not like that But I don′t know who you are Do you want one more tale of a Vietnam girl? Want to know I was bound to a man I don't love? Do you want to be told how my village was burned? Want to hear how my family was blasted away? How I ran from the rice field and saw them in flames? How my parents were bodies whose faces were gone? I have had my fill of pain I will not look back again I would rather die Can I see you tonight? Well, I′ll be at the club Selling "beaucoup amour" No, you won't How would you like... How would I like...? How would you like Living with me? It feels good like this So that′s how we should be So would you like? Yes, I would like! Okay, it's set No more to say Screw the Engineer You′re the one good thing That I've found out here

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