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I am a lawyer, and I′m a father, I talk well by the rules and do my best to care for my kids, Got so much money, I got a happy family

I got a busy schedule, so I can't talk right now, sorry I am a student, I′ve got PHDs, I majored in Drama, Science, Laws, Music, Philosophy I'm an example, every body wants me But none of it matters since I'm just sit collectin′ cookies. I am a party boy. I like to be. In clubs Twerkin′ and Dancin', Bein′ dumb with people like me I don't really mind cause I′ve got no self-esteem There's plenty to go around cause there′s no 'I' in TEAM. I am a runner, I′m an athlete I like to run and be the fastest like a bolt of lightning Be number one, I want more medals, I want to win If I can′t get there I can shoot adrenaline. But I, got no one, I got no job, no talent that I'm good at, So I′m lying, in bed I am crying, wishing that I'll get lucky someday, I′m crying, I'm crying, and whining, and whining Wishing that I′ll get lucky someday, I'm crying, I'm crying, and whining, But none of it matters really since I just sit collecting cookies.

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