LetraThis Thing Of Ours


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(Feat. Nas) Sometimes I get so fucking paranoid

Reminiscing on how them bricks keep going back and forth I ask the lord for everything I lack and more Last thing on my mind was slamming Caddy doors I just made up my mind, I'm grindin' like a boss Dedicated our lives, sacrifices we lost Fatal mistakes, talking laws of attraction The paper I'm making, I upgraded my fashion Everything tailor-made, floss is my passion Loyalty came first, number one rule in the faction Follow my actions, came in it '06 Planted my flag, bitch I'm taking no shit I toted them toolies, I bullied the bullies I made a few hits, my bank account Jewish Niggas is minor, the money manure I'm thinking like Heinemann, Godfather the 4th It was never filmed, therefore never seen It was never him, that's what these haters scream I wrote the script, I was sipping lean Now meet the myth, I brought along my triple beam This thing of ours It's a mafioso You ain't never know though Never gon' know so No never, no never, no never No, no, no, no This reefer the sweetest Got me thinking much deeper They don't rap for a reason This is rather convenient Spend money with my team Make my money from hustle Women love you for fee Niggas hate you for nothing Never hate you in public Better let they eyes tell it Ain't even 5'11", what the fuck you got scared of I'm a loose cannon, screws damaged And I do think hip hop music needs some newer standards Hardest working conglomerate And that's word to my mama Getting up in they mental Get 'em outta their garments Adamantly coming at whoever call up for drama Just know that DC, Philly, Ohio, Miami got us Private jet over water, not [?], got no barber I see feds, I go that way, that DMV shit saw us When you young and you black They see you as a target So before them foamposites get ya lawyer in order The don of all don's since you wanna call me something All of a sudden, niggas ball and stuntin' Ya'll just started pulling on Pull ya car, ya spineless Where ya heart, I know where mine is A don is one who accept things he cannot change Only thing I accept I cannot change is getting old and dying Gold medallion, over my son chest He'll hold it down when I sunset What does death mean to me? I never owned the concept, I was here I'm just a spirit, lets get one thing clear Everything segue's into each other One thing is just an extension of the other My kid to me, I am my children through history Of Stand up men and stand up women I am existing I was conceived to break bread with kings And make connections We haven't met yet My reputation you've stuck with Until we have our formal introduction That's enough But every male is not a man So some of those that will hold out they hand wont understand This thing of ours

Nenhuma tradução disponívelNenhuma tradução disponível
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