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#together against coronavirus

Run Don't look back Don't turn back

Run Don't look back Don't turn back Turn around Gon' see my face Gon' hit the ground Hear no sound Ski mask drawn Fuck you on Feet hit grass Gon' be gone Vamanos Up your nose Out your pores Become a ghost Been outsourced Chase the high Wonder why You felt safe You felt strong Hear swan song You were wrong Coming up quick on the stacks Hit the racks Chase the wraith Taste elite Fuck you say Gon' be rich Tooth or nail Or blood to spray Curb stomp Violence in the veins Fighting for designer and he brag to pay Just had to say Just cause calm demeanour been the same In a rage Underneath Bandaged daze Been okay Seen better days Crime pays But if you see me Run Run Don't look back Don't turn back Run Don't look back Don't turn back Run Don't look back Don't turn back Run Now as I free fall full throttle A finite time to contemplate As I approach the bottom Still hear the voices of the slaves Who've all been forgotten Siren sings beneath the lake Now your futures Looking pretty ominous And the storm has just started Surface can't be penetrated Denser skulls than leaded weights I seem to sulk most everyday While sinking solely Something slightly sinister Stuck in the way Thats why I missed the target Obstruct the confluence Administered the anesthetic Lost all senses All my sentimental states Gone straight down the drain You keep running in place Look around ya Watch your virulent surroundings The feeling that you yearn for Will never fill the void Just keep you running Just keep you running back Got him running back n boy been askin' where the hash at Coming thru wasted you better bring the fucking hazmat Past that Mattress where he kept the stash at Around the block and I been fucking past that Got that demon in a bottle Don't set him free Cause I been feeling fully auto Been burning trees Been burning bridges Been raking leaves Secrets up a sleeve Got me asking why it's always been so hard to leave? Mr. Xan man, bring me a dream I been longing for a life that I could just never lead Mr. Xan man, Bring me a dream Cause I been running from a fate and fearing from what I've seen

Nenhuma tradução disponívelNenhuma tradução disponível
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