LetraCarnaval del Barrio

Lin-Manuel Miranda

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DANIELA Hey... Hey... What′s this tonteria that I'm seeing on the street? I never thought I′d see the day... Since when are Latin people scared of heat? When i was a little girl Growing up in the hills of Vega Alta My favorite time of year was Christmas time! Ask me why! CARLA Why? DANIELA There wasn't an ounce of snow But, oh, the coquito would flow As we sang the aguinaldo The carnaval would begin to grow! Business is closed, and we're about to go... Let′s have a carnaval del barrio! PIRAGUA GUY Wepa! DANIELA Carnaval del barrio! Carnaval del barrio! Carnaval... Carnaval! Del barrio... Barrio! Carnaval... Carnaval! Del barrio... Barrio! DANIELA We don′t need electricidad Get off your butt, avanza Saca la maraca, bring your tambourine Come and join the parranda DANIELA, THEN COMMUNITY Carnaval, Del barrio CARLA Ohh, me me me, Dani I have a question I don't know what you′re cantando DANIELA Just make it up as you go We are improvisando: Lai le lo lai lo le lo lai You can sing anything Wha? Carla, whatever pops into your head Just so long as you sing CARLA Ummm... My mom is Dominican-Cuban My dad is from Chile and P.R., Which means: I'm Chile-...Dominica-Rican! But I always say I′m from Queens! PIRAGUA GUY Wepaaa! Carnaval, Del barrio VANESSA Why is everyone so happy? We are sweating and we have no power I've gotta get out of here soon This block′s getting worse by the hour! You can't even go to the club with a friend Without having somebody shove you! DANIELA Ay, por favor Vanessa don't pretend that Usnavi′s your friend We all know that he love you! CARLA Wow, now that you mention that sexual tension, it′s easy to see! VANESSA Yo this is bogus... DANIELA Haven't you noticed you get all your coffee for free? Carnaval Del Barrio Here comes Usnavi! USNAVI Yo, yo, yo y-y-yo-yo Now, now, everyone gather ′round, sit down, listen, I got an announcement Wow, it involves large amounts, it's Somewhere in the range of 96, 000 Atencion, I′m closing shop Sonny, grab everybody a soda pop! Yo, grab a bottle, kiss it up to God, Cuz Abuela Claudia just won the lotto! Abuela Claudia won the lotto We're bookin a flight for D.R. tomorrow COMMUNITY Oh my gah! Alza la bandera La bandera Dominicana Alza la bandera La bandera Puertoriqueña Alza la bandera La bandera Mexicana Alza la bandera La bandera Cubana Parriba esa bandera Alzala donde quiera Recuerdo de mi tierra Me acuerdo de mi tierra... Esa bonita bandera! Contiene mi alma entera! Y cuando yo me muera, Entierrame en mi tierra! DANIELA Everything changes today DANIELA/ CARLA Usnavi′s on his way Off to a better place Look at Vanessa's face! BENNY Everything changes today... BENNY Goodbye, Mr. Rosario... USNAVI Okay! BENNY I'm taking over the barrio! USNAVI/DANIELA/CARLA We′re getting out of the barrio! DANIELA Hey, Mr. Benny, have you seen any horses today? COMMUNITY Hey! BENNY What do you mean? DANIELA I heard you and Nina went for a roll in the- COMMUNITY Hay! Hey! Ohhhhh! WOMEN THEN MEN Benny and Nina Sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G Que bochinche Nina and Benny K-I-S-S-I-N-G SONNY Hold up, wait a minute Usnavi′s leavin' us for the Dominican Republic? And Benny went and stole the girl that I′m in love with? She was my babysitter first! Listen up, this is what ya'll want? We close this bodega, The neighborhood is gone! They selling the dispatch, They closing the salon And they′ll never turn the lights back on cuz- We are powerless, We are powerless! But ya'll keep dancin′ and singin' and celebratin' But it′s gettin′ late and this place is disintegratin' and- We are powerless, We are powerless! USNAVI Alright we are powerless, so light up a candle! There′s nothing going on here that we can't handle! SONNY You don′t understand, I'm not trying to be funny! USNAVI We′re gonna give a third of the money to you, Sonny! SONNY What? USNAVI Yeah, yeah... SONNY For real? USNAVI Yes! Maybe you're right, Sonny. Call in the coroners Maybe we're powerless, a corner full of foreigners. Maybe this neighborhood′s changing forever Maybe tonight is our last night together, however! How do you wanna face it? Do you wanna waste it, when the end is so close you can taste it? Y′all could cry with your head in the sand I'm a fly this flag that I got in my hand! PIRAGUA GUY Parriba esa bandera Alzala donde quiera USNAVI Can we raise our voice tonight? Can we make a little noise tonight? PIRAGUA GUY/DANIELA/CARLA Esa bonita bandera Contiene mi alma entera USNAVI In fact, can we sing so loud and raucous They can hear us across the bridge in East Seacaucus? COMMUNITY Parriba esa bandera! Alzala donde quiera! Carnaval Del Barrio... USNAVI From Puerto Rico to Santo Domingo Wherever we go We rep our people and the beat go... COMMUNITY Esa bonita bandera! Contiene mi alma entera! Carnaval Del Barrio... USNAVI Vanessa, for get about what coulda been Dance with me, one last night, in the hood again. DANIELA/CARLA Wepa! COMMUNITY Carnaval del barrio Carnaval del barrio Carnaval del barrio DANIELA P′arriba esa bandera WITH COMMUNINTY Carnaval Del Barrio Oye! DANIELA Y cuando yo me muera Entierrame en mi tierra! WITH COMMUNITY Del barrio Del barrio COMMUNITY Alza la bandera La bandera Dominicana WITH DANIELA Alza la bandera Alza la bandera COMMUNITY La bandera Puertoriquena Alza la bandera La bandera Mexicana Alza la bandera La bandera La bandera La bandera La bandera Alza la bandera!

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