LetraFire In The Booth

K Koke

Última atualização em: 24 de setembro de 2020
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Whether you're in HMV or KFC, HMP or A&E I make them see A.N.D let you know the C.A.S.E From LDN not NYC, on the M.I.C, Im M.I.B

Like BIG the MVP, VIP to the E.N.D EG my CD, is way to D.E.E.P That goes for your TV screen, DVD or BBC ITN or ITV, C.O.P say ID please S.T.O.P like IC3, wanna see me hooked to an I.V G In the ICU but Im N.O.T, they went O.T with the M.O.B Can't see me through the F.O.G Don't cuss mothers of S.O.B's These MCs are OAPs, Wanna hype up I'm like OK, G You think you're B.A.D, Get a P.E.N and a P.A.D If the CIA and the FBI, the MI6 and the MI5 MJ like P.Y.T, LOL I never T.Y.P I E.A.T on E.I.D, twist the C.I.D like Levi Jeans D.I.E like BNP; EDL just BFGs Youths don't want no GCSE's they want C.O.D on the PS3 Im like DP or PE, or KRS from BDP Send it to your MP & MTV You're not on this thing like A.D.D Your CD i rate PG Like KKK's with AK's My A.K.A is AA Take you off the road ASAP DDT these JLS MC's What you just saw basically, Is how to murder the ABC Cos Im back in the booth Rappers wanna chat about the strap They got stashed in the back of their boot But I chat to the youths Abstract or backpack my attributes and stack to the roof I capture the truth Pour it on tracks my view and I'll sell it out the back of the boot Im positive you're negative, you're whack and confused Im back and the fact is your dad's in the room Ain't a track that you rappers can battle with Everytrack that I spat is immaculate Any track that I smash Im attacking it Heard you rap fam, your tracks are inadequate Your CD was kak, it was crap, Im dashing it You follow fashion with rap, Im passionate

Nenhuma tradução disponívelNenhuma tradução disponível
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