LetraYobanashi Deceive


Última atualização em: 6 de junho de 2021
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Beat box and the rhythm flies Over night the city seems to mirror back Beat two and the concrete shines Is it fine if I complain just a tiny bit? Hey, up for a little talk? Got a tendency to hurt from little things Ah, mind if we walk and talk? Cuz I′m bored, I'll tell a story You′ll laugh I guarantee Now back to our little tale It began in a strange land like any tale Oh but, and now this strange It'd seemed as if it were like any place 10 years and the minutes fly From the day the MONSTER spoke inside of me Dug deeper into my mind "Keep on lying" said the monster anyway So I've lied and I′ve been tricking ever since No, not a single person out there can see what sits behind Just a monster by now, can′t deny that it fits "Oh wait, my bad!" "Don't get mad" "You know I′m just a liar in the end" Oh my god you're underhanded! Where′s the trick, don't have a clue? Hope you don′t mind, that I don't mind Is it now scaring you too? As I lie and pass 'em by I feel they′re growing in my mind Again today, I′ll smile at all the little pieces in the game Beat on and the girl who shys From the night that disappears like everyone Beat two and the boy who hides From the hateful lies that make him cry so much Oh yeah, pretty sure it's that Stupid thoughts of an ideal "input" inside Beat beating into my heart But I already knew that long long ago Sure I see now, if all that became the truth No way I′m gonna live all on my own with nobody else "Just another lie?" "No no, I swear this is true!" Oh god my brain is drained and drowning all itself with every "no" Oh my god you're underhanded! Listen to this beating heart Hear the all greed, the forgery The only reality If I say I′m really lonely, you could figure just a bit And nothings changes Ain't it crazy just enough to make you grin? Oh my god you′re underhanded! Hate this! Hang onto the beat What a surprise, no one to blame I can no longer be saved? If you say there's "not a problem" I know that you never change "Oh well I messed up" "Again" Hating me until I die Drowning in the lies until THE END

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