Joe Budden

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[Joe Budden - repeat in background 9X] I'm comin, I'm comin, I'm comin [Joe - talking over background vocals] Okay... the time has finally come beautiful people Jeah... I've been singin this tune for entirely too long now For like, eight or nine years, somethin like that But I'm here, only to present to you your album Featurin myself, Joe Budden, hi haters [Joe Budden] The time is finally near, it's gettin closer I'm finally scared (?) that the album's out y'all, it's finally here I repeat myself for the haters y'all, I'm finally here Every street corner, jail cell, finally cheer Cause it was y'all that voted me, y'all that noticed me It's y'all that said I should've been signed to Def Poetry It was y'all that said yes y'all can flow a tree Momma raised me proper, the streets just molded me The streets coded me, made me a better pedigree Now things are complicated like Avril Lavigne said it be But I took some time out to get my shit straight And present to you, jump off seventy minute mixtape This here's for real, this here's the official This year it's not a "Best Of," this is the best of How can I say this? It's sorta like - Hov', 'Pac, B.I.G. Blended with Bill Withers and Miles Davis Let's add Al Green, folks I miscalculated Now it's Ludacris time, "Move - get out my way bitch!" A rapper's rapper, the kid can do this To you ignorant muh'fuckers, don't misconstrue this Everything reversed now, I live in The Matrix So how can I stay anonymous, when it's my job to be famous? (Talk to 'em) A lot of y'all can't interpret when I'm speakin that language But some better understand to the rest it's better you can't Now when you speak of the elite, I feel honored if mentioned Because the goal is on top, never honorable mention If Joe's purpose is due, here it is it's no further anew Enough said with no further adieu I'm comin, (geah) I'm comin, I'M COMIN!

Nenhuma tradução disponívelNenhuma tradução disponível
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