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Última atualização em: 27 de Abril de 2020
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#together against coronavirus

Just relax cuz every disappointment is a blessing as well as a learning experience So when you get that bag or opportunity it's at your convenience

Roll up my problems and light it up in daily rotation Sorry to keep you waiting and thanks for your due patience Sour diesel got my eyes lazy, been sedated Had to pick the pen and take vengeance on rappers overrated Word, now check the system that they set it for us Cuz our uncle sam's sounding nice but he still ain't gorgeous Hustle the root of all evil then proceed to spend it And THC played a major role in my expenses Stack the residuals homie, just keep that bag potent Stop bragging bout a small amount that's just disappointing Let the green speak louder you'd end the discussion People still gon rate it, world full of critics The devil pushing the temptations, he up to something And shouting these psychoactive thoughts to a young prophet Have to survive by destabilizing my emotions That's prolly why I'm disconnected from the perfect socket Procrastinating been scheming for the prodigal diamond Cuz time is money don't be chasing girls without the dollars Dead presidents for shopping I need more designers I've been quiet but this Fetti gon break the silence Plane crashed in a collision course When I got suspended in the air, landing reinforced Smoking hookah, drinking liquor thinking that's a trending topic All the homies toke chronic and speak less of it I missed the drop like What the, maybe I'm tripping Flipping these words as a gift, take it as a token To set the bar I know the chances slim I gotta move swiftly Killing any instrumental with my Midas vibration Astronaut, name written in the constellation And nothing was ever the same Except this tragic system got me depressed and I've been down I skipped those phases Just wanna smile and tell mama that I finally made it I'm grateful mama, you just never understood me proper Fathoming those tears, I'm sorry for all your tears mama I know that feeling my spirit's shining, I'm gold mining I've been quiet but this Fetti gon break the silence Law of Attraction rules everything around me And karma got me skipping with magic tricks and alchemy Then I woke up transcending to a bigger dream I started working on this skill since the fifth grade Puma thunder on my feet but I ain't satisfied till Mcqueen and Celine Gonna drive by the hood and drop-top the Chevy Switched the heat up a notch let the beat rest in peace Got you static on your seat Toke an 8th, they be like oh this boy flying now They look at me thinking boy you insane again I know some people wanna link up but I'm ain't your friend It's yours truly I'm JAFAR I know you got the name Church Witness the genesis of a rap prophet Here to give you all this knowledge Look dead at me when I'm talking Flashback, skipping physics class writing on boom bap So practice made JAFAR he outchea repping the people's voice Even got double-crossed, intercepted all the odds Learned from that aftermath, they ain't ready for the bars, Pregnant Guess whose water broke Cuz when I'm writing down I keep delivering a twin-tower flow Sickening but intelligent Still bringing this flow tighter than some skinny jeans, I ain't rip em yet It's a young prophet That should be my title tho All church with me you know

Nenhuma tradução disponívelNenhuma tradução disponível
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